The Ephesians 5 Man

Everyone is always putting emphasis on women being a proverbs 31 woman. Her being pure, her being a godly woman, but personally I believe more emphasis should be on the man being pure, the man being godly and keeping his body as a temple and if as a man you desire a proverbs 31 woman, you must first be an Ephesians 5 man. You can't ask for Ruth, but keep sexing and lusting after Jezebel.  

A subject that's heavily overlooked is the equipping of men becoming the godly force and spiritual leader in the relationship and marriage. Men who will tell a woman.....

"I will protect your purity not stain it. 

"I will present you to the altar without spot, blemish or wrinkles" 

"I will be your head and not play with your head" 

"I will make sure you forget your heart was ever broken not the one who shatters it" 

You know how many times we've heard women saying.. "I have a good man" I mean at least he works, provides for us and is there for our children and at least he's trying. 

I always wonder why are these women impressed with bare minimum qualities? 

A man is supposed to work, provide and be a Father. That's not an accomplishment. That's bare minimum quality... at least he comes home, at least he's not in jail.. What??? 

Know this, if you have to say "at least" then your standard is too low! 

A man that thinks providing for a woman is strictly financial don't know how to provide at all. A man that knows how to provide provides reliability, dedication, trust, understanding, listening ear, knowledge, motivation, stability and direction for the family. 

A lot of women get with men that only provides monetarily and they are miserable. Some of these women allow themselves to settle for less, be cheated on, abused, disrespected and all just because he's taking care of her finance. 

"I'd rather be miserable with you than be happy apart is crazy not love." To have this mindset where you are thinking you'd rather be in a bad relationship than to be truly loved has to be the lowest you can get. 

What does a godly man looks like? 

He's an Ephesians 5 man. He's a man who values God more than his next breath. 


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