Challenges of a woman

It is my big day, i woke up super excited because today was gonna change my story forever. "Challenges and ways of improving the Oil Sector" was a project i worked on for years and today it was finally going to count. I could barely sleep, played and replayed today over and over again in my head and it all ends with me receiving what i deserved for all my hardwork. 

The board room was full as everyone was invited to today's meeting which was called because the company recently earned one of the biggest fish in the market all thanks to my presentation at the just concluded summit. I had longed for a promotion at Veritas Capital since three years after i started work here, now seven years down the line nothing still. 

As i worked in i could see the smile on the face of my assistant Kemi, she is so assured that presentation was my breakthrough to my promotion. The CEO came in the room before Kemi could say good morning, and he congratulated the whole team for the hardwork so far and the successes achieved, he said it is time to reward all those whose efforts accounted for the most recent success and also a promotion reward for one outstanding individual. My feet were so cold, i was sweating profusely and my hands trembled, this is it, my moment, i had already recited my short "thank you" speech in my head and my assistant had my office set up for the after-party, it was gonna be all perfect. 

But guess what, it wasn't for me, Mr. Douglas got it instead with the reason that he had the most committed investor in the company. I was broken, i cried, i broke things, i needed answers why it was denied me, so i headed straight to the CEO's office. He looked at me and said "my dear, you're a woman, you don't work well with men...yes you are greatly business minded and all that but the post you are seeking belongs to a bold man like Mr. Douglas" 

Wow! that was all i said as i walked back to my office as i couldn't believe i was just reduced to nothing because i'm a woman, thoughts just kept running through my head as to all the years i spent building my career in this company and thinking i was of importance to them, not knowing my gender was the reason for the block all along. Now, all i can ask is why? 

Why can't i be as good as the men in my chosen field?

Why won't i ever be seen as equally strong?

Why is it such a bad idea to allow us rule?

Why is the woman always an object of sexual appeal?

Why is it that you look at me and all you see are tits and ass?

Why am i expected to keep quiet and deal with the shame when i'm raped?

Why can't i lift my hands in church without people judging me?

And when will gender inequality be a thing of the past? 

I am a woman and i just want to be ME in all my uniqueness




Written By Gift Speaks



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