3 Reasons Why Tiwa Savage Is Loved Vastly

Tiwatope Savage popularly known as Tiwa Savage is a Nigerian musician and songwriter. She is one of the few Nigerian artistes that is making waves internationally and making Nigeria proud. Tiwa has been in the industry for a long time now and as remained relevant and consistent over the years. We have curated a list of why this musical goodess is loved vastly.

Here are 3 reasons why Tiwa Savage is loved vastly:

1. She is taking Nigeria to the Global level

Source: Within Nigeria

Tiwa Savage had been with Mavin Records since 2012, that is precisely 7 years and she had consistently been dropping great music under this great label. She recently signed her contract with Universal Music Group and she is taking Nigerian music to an international level. Tiwa Savage as instigated collaborations between International artistes and Nigerian artistes thereby taking Nigeria to the world.

2. Undaunted by social media frenzy and celebrity hype

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As a celebrity who is always in the public eyes and every of her move being monitored, Tiwa Savage as always remained undaunted. She doesn't listen to naysayers and she isn't moved by the pereived societal nature of celebrities. She tries to keep a low profile and does her own thing. She basically isn't carried away by the buzz and hype of being a celebrity. For this reason, Nigerians love her. She is also humble by nature.

3. She is a loving mother

Source: Information Nigeria

Tiwa is fiercely protective of her son Jamal propularly called Jam Jam. Despite her busy schedule and touring all over the world, she always find time to attend her son's school event. She as proven time after time that despite being a big celebrity, she would not disregard her reponsiblities to her son because of her career. She cherishes Jam jam and Nigerians love her for that.


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