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The Ephesians 5 Man

Everyone is always putting emphasis on women being a proverbs 31 woman. Her being pure, her being a godly woman, but personally I believe more emphasis should be on the man being pure, the man being godly and keeping his body as a temple and if as a man you desire a proverbs 31 woman, you must first be an Ephesians 5 man. You can't ask for Ruth, but keep sexing and lusting after Jezebel.  

A subject that's heavily overlooked is the equipping of men becoming the godly force and spiritual leader in the relationship and marriage. Men who will tell a woman.....

"I will protect your purity not stain it. 

"I will present you to the altar without spot, blemish or wrinkles" 

"I will be your head and not play with your head" 

"I will make sure you forget your heart was ever broken not the one who shatters it" 

You know how many times we've heard women saying.. "I have a good man" I mean at least he works, provides for us and is there for our children and at least he's trying. 

I always wonder why are these women impressed with bare minimum qualities? 

A man is supposed to work, provide and be a Father. That's not an accomplishment. That's bare minimum quality... at least he comes home, at least he's not in jail.. What??? 

Know this, if you have to say "at least" then your standard is too low! 

A man that thinks providing for a woman is strictly financial don't know how to provide at all. A man that knows how to provide provides reliability, dedication, trust, understanding, listening ear, knowledge, motivation, stability and direction for the family. 

A lot of women get with men that only provides monetarily and they are miserable. Some of these women allow themselves to settle for less, be cheated on, abused, disrespected and all just because he's taking care of her finance. 

"I'd rather be miserable with you than be happy apart is crazy not love." To have this mindset where you are thinking you'd rather be in a bad relationship than to be truly loved has to be the lowest you can get. 

What does a godly man looks like? 

He's an Ephesians 5 man. He's a man who values God more than his next breath. 

WARNING! Ladies, Stop Doing This Before Sex And Do It Afterwards Instead

Growing up, we heard a lot about what we should and shouldn't do before, during and after sex.

Also Read: Watch Out! These Are The Signs You Are In An 'Almost Relationship'

Advice is so conflicting that we often don't know what to believe and there is a fair share of myths out there.

Thankfully, most tips are useful. But there's one that we've apparently been given incorrect information on.

Women might have heard that you should empty your bladder before sexual intercourse to reduce the risk of developing a urinary tract infection.

But according to a urologist , this is the exact opposite of what you should do.

David Kaufman MD said that the 'pee before sex' mantra is "one of the biggest misconceptions he has to clear up for his female patients."

Going to the bathroom beforehand is a big no-no, but urinating afterwards is important.

During sex, bacteria from the vagina can be forced into the urethra.

Urinating can dislodge the bacteria and dispose of it safely in your stream - but if you don't need to go to the toilet after sex, it can mean the bacteria makes its way into the bladder and develops into an infection.


Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and help clear bacteria from the urinary tract

Go to the toilet as soon as you feel the need to urinate, rather than holding it in

Wipe from front to back after going to the toilet

Practise good hygiene by washing your genitals every day, and before having sex

Empty your bladder after having sex

Photo Of The Day!! Can You Spot What Is Wrong With This Photo?

This is just a random photo, but there are a lot of things wrong with the photo. Can you Spot it?

Drop your comments when you see it.

Tonto Dikeh Finally Speaks On Her Pregnancy For Bobrisky

Tonto Dikeh has sarcastically reacted to claims of being 4 months for pregnant for Bobrisky, as alleged by Vanguard in a report earlier today.

Vanguards report reads in part;

“If anyone doubts the self-acclaimed born-again Christian to be in a serious relationship, Potpourri can tell you for what’s worth that the mother of King Churchill is pregnant. A source who rolls in the close circuit of the actress has revealed.

“It’s not a rumour, everyone close to her know she’s happy with a new man in her life. She’s about 4 months pregnant now” the source whispered with a plea of anonymity. Interestingly, her romance with the cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, known widely as Bobrisky caught the comic imagination of some artist who lit up the social media during the week with marriage photo of Tonto and her widely acclaimed best friend. It was an artistically crafted joke that even amused both Tonto and Bobrisky as they separately reacted to it with bemused expressions.”

However Tonto Dikeh who reacted to claims of being 4 months pregnant for Bobrisky, stated that it is a cheap attempt to sell “newspaper”. See her post below;

Challenges of a woman

It is my big day, i woke up super excited because today was gonna change my story forever. "Challenges and ways of improving the Oil Sector" was a project i worked on for years and today it was finally going to count. I could barely sleep, played and replayed today over and over again in my head and it all ends with me receiving what i deserved for all my hardwork. 

The board room was full as everyone was invited to today's meeting which was called because the company recently earned one of the biggest fish in the market all thanks to my presentation at the just concluded summit. I had longed for a promotion at Veritas Capital since three years after i started work here, now seven years down the line nothing still. 

As i worked in i could see the smile on the face of my assistant Kemi, she is so assured that presentation was my breakthrough to my promotion. The CEO came in the room before Kemi could say good morning, and he congratulated the whole team for the hardwork so far and the successes achieved, he said it is time to reward all those whose efforts accounted for the most recent success and also a promotion reward for one outstanding individual. My feet were so cold, i was sweating profusely and my hands trembled, this is it, my moment, i had already recited my short "thank you" speech in my head and my assistant had my office set up for the after-party, it was gonna be all perfect. 

But guess what, it wasn't for me, Mr. Douglas got it instead with the reason that he had the most committed investor in the company. I was broken, i cried, i broke things, i needed answers why it was denied me, so i headed straight to the CEO's office. He looked at me and said "my dear, you're a woman, you don't work well with men...yes you are greatly business minded and all that but the post you are seeking belongs to a bold man like Mr. Douglas" 

Wow! that was all i said as i walked back to my office as i couldn't believe i was just reduced to nothing because i'm a woman, thoughts just kept running through my head as to all the years i spent building my career in this company and thinking i was of importance to them, not knowing my gender was the reason for the block all along. Now, all i can ask is why? 

Why can't i be as good as the men in my chosen field?

Why won't i ever be seen as equally strong?

Why is it such a bad idea to allow us rule?

Why is the woman always an object of sexual appeal?

Why is it that you look at me and all you see are tits and ass?

Why am i expected to keep quiet and deal with the shame when i'm raped?

Why can't i lift my hands in church without people judging me?

And when will gender inequality be a thing of the past? 

I am a woman and i just want to be ME in all my uniqueness




Written By Gift Speaks


"I will expose your asses if you beg my man for money" - Tonto Dikeh calls out 2face, Annie Idibia, IK Ogbonna and others as she reveals she's in a new relationship

Tonto Dikeh has threatened a number of entertainers and she didn't hesitate to mention their names.

The actress revealed on Instagram that she's in a new relationship but she warned her fellow entertainers to stay away from her man and desist from begging him for money as they are known to. She threatened to expose their "gay asses" if they go against her wishes.

The mother-of-one then went on to specifically name a number of entertainers including IK Ogbonna, Tuface Idibia, Annie Idibia, Eniola, Praise, Toyin, among others. She warned them and threatened to disgrace and beat them up if they cross her.

She wrote: "Dear Nollywood and music industry, I am in a new relationship now and, to God, if I see anyone of you begging him money, begging him to sponsor your shows or movies... I will mess you up and your whole life!!

She added: "Idiots. Na if I find una beg abi. I will expose all your gay asses and the females to go!!"

It is believed this might be in reaction to her being threatened by the Board of Trustee (BoT) of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) for her continuous attack on her ex-husband.

Tonto went on to add in her caption: "I WILL DISGRACE YOUR FUTURE!

"Ik igbonna, Annie, 2face, eniola, praise, juju, TOYIN and co be warned I truly dont want problem!! But I will beat you up, if you can beat me get ready!!"

See below.

Simi Reacts To Naira Marley's Arrest By EFCC

Singing sensation, Simi has finally broken her silence over the arrest of rapper, Naira Marley.

Many had thought she would be happy with the arrest of the singer since it will serve as deterrent to others engaging in fraud, but the singer thinks otherwise.

Recall that Simi had sometime ago come hard on those supporting internet fraud, even to the extent of having a confrontation with some of her colleagues.

Last night while reacting to a question from a fan during her 'question and answer session', Simi said she's not happy with the arrest of Marley.

Marley was arrested and charged with credit card fraud.

When asked by a fan, “You happy Naira Marley is arrested yeah?”, Simi replied with a certain degree of conviction; “No.”

3 Reasons Why Tiwa Savage Is Loved Vastly

Tiwatope Savage popularly known as Tiwa Savage is a Nigerian musician and songwriter. She is one of the few Nigerian artistes that is making waves internationally and making Nigeria proud. Tiwa has been in the industry for a long time now and as remained relevant and consistent over the years. We have curated a list of why this musical goodess is loved vastly.

Here are 3 reasons why Tiwa Savage is loved vastly:

1. She is taking Nigeria to the Global level

Source: Within Nigeria

Tiwa Savage had been with Mavin Records since 2012, that is precisely 7 years and she had consistently been dropping great music under this great label. She recently signed her contract with Universal Music Group and she is taking Nigerian music to an international level. Tiwa Savage as instigated collaborations between International artistes and Nigerian artistes thereby taking Nigeria to the world.

2. Undaunted by social media frenzy and celebrity hype

Source: Legit ng

As a celebrity who is always in the public eyes and every of her move being monitored, Tiwa Savage as always remained undaunted. She doesn't listen to naysayers and she isn't moved by the pereived societal nature of celebrities. She tries to keep a low profile and does her own thing. She basically isn't carried away by the buzz and hype of being a celebrity. For this reason, Nigerians love her. She is also humble by nature.

3. She is a loving mother

Source: Information Nigeria

Tiwa is fiercely protective of her son Jamal propularly called Jam Jam. Despite her busy schedule and touring all over the world, she always find time to attend her son's school event. She as proven time after time that despite being a big celebrity, she would not disregard her reponsiblities to her son because of her career. She cherishes Jam jam and Nigerians love her for that.

I won’t spend a dime marrying Bobrisky – Tonto Dikeh

Controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has revealed that if she was to get married to popular Nigerian cross dresser, Idris Okuneye, a.k.a Bobrisky, she won’t be spending any money at all, because she knows he is up to the task.

Tonto Dikeh Bobrisky says he’s a second wife (Opens in a new browser tab)

The mother of one who recently disclosed in a bare-it-all interview that she sponsored her own wedding, revealed this in reaction to a doctored photo of herself and Bobrisky, depicting them as husband and wife, with Bobrisky being the husband.

“You people are mad. Bobrisky my hubby, look at us. The wedding I didn’t pay for. Bob, with you at least I know that I won’t spend one naira to marry you,” she said.

While many see it as a stylish mockery of her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, others are still puzzled about the true gender of Bobrisky and the nature of his relationship with Tonto Dikeh.

Wizkid slaps Tiwa Savage bum ( Video)

Above is a video which shows Wizkid slapping the bum of fellow singer Tiwa Savage amidst rumors that they are dating each other.

The pair were getting set to go on a boat ride when they began playing like lovebirds.
Tiwa Savage is in an controversial relationship with husband Teebillz and they have a kid together.
Last year when rumors where rife about the relationship between wizkid and Tiwa Savage, Teebillz reacted as seen below.
“Weather you like it or not Ayo is my lil bro and he knows not to cross me on blood Gang ….. we don’t play that shit on 400 blocks! That’s my lil Nigga and is Big Hommie Sauce kid aka Sinzu guaranteed me on the lil homie even though he’s my blood and Mr Capable Banky W is my blood! ……… I’m just saying this to the general public that tend to come at me on some disrespectful Shit!!!! For your information!
“Thank you Titi for respecting me! your opinion on her and my lil bro S#lkea #Wiz is bullshit! Don Jazzy will never allow that!!!! Tiwa gets mad me on my own P but she will never put me down like on Jamil#!!!!! So FuCK your opinion @tiwasavage @wizkidayo keep giving us that Musically ….. it’s all

Don Jazzy’s New Artiste, Rema Says “I Remember When I Dey Suffer”, Fans React


Mavin Records new young artist Rema shares a photo of himself filled up with dollar bills as he was been nostalgic of when he suffered before the fame which had made fans react.

He wrote:

“I remember when I dey suffer.”

Fans are beginning to react as they said its a lie he didn’t suffer at all. They also claimed he just finished secondary school as they ask for his jamb result.

See More Photos And Reactions

I’m having the best sex of my life with another woman but I’ve just discovered she’s my boyfriend’s mum

DEAR DEIDRE:I HAVE had the best sex ever with another woman but I have just discovered she is my boyfriend’s mum.

I am 28. This woman and I met quite by chance a few months ago at a crafting weekend and right from the start there was a spark between us.

We sat together, laughed and joked and I could tell she was also flirting with me. She is a very attractive 45.

If anyone had told me beforehand that I would respond I would have been horrified, but I found myself flirting back.

We arranged to meet for a drink the next week and she came back to mine for a coffee.

We cracked open a bottle of wine and she had too much to be able to drive, so she phoned home to explain and stayed over.

We had sex and it was amazing and I am not even a lesbian.

She is the only woman I have ever been with. Although I know I am straight, I really love being with her.

I didn’t say anything about her to my boyfriend but things have been progressing with him.

He is 26 and we’ve been together for three months. He invited me to a meal with his parents.

I was really looking forward to the evening but imagine my shock and horror when I walked in and was introduced to my lover.

I don’t know how we both managed to act like we’d never met.

In spite of the situation we had a lovely evening and even managed to exchange a few words alone at one point.

She has texted me since and wants to go on meeting, but I keep thinking I should break it off with her.

It’s going well with my boyfriend. I don’t want to break with him and family get-togethers could only ever be awkward.

On the other hand, surely what my boyfriend and his dad do not know cannot hurt them.

DEIDRE SAYS:It would be hard enough if it were just your secret but it is your lover’s, too.

You risk losing your boyfriend, but she is deceiving two of her nearest and dearest – who might hold you to blame.

Secrets and lies will be part of carrying on as you are and it is only a matter of time before one of you gets careless and lets something slip.

So you have to make a choice. Do you – and does your boyfriend’s mum – want to rip up the life you know?

If that’s not what you both want, stop anything more happening between you now.

If you realise you are seriously attracted to women my e-leaflet on Bisexual Issues will help.

Or was sex with the mum better than with your boyfriend simply because she knows what works for a woman?

In that case my e-leaflet Thrilling A Woman In Bed could help you help him to get it right.

The perfect couple

"Baby, leave my breast let me watch this movie in peace na, you de rush the breast like say na shawarma wey you thief "

"Don't tell me that oh, when I married you, I paid for my breast too, besides eh, this movie I'm watching is not as interesting as what I am touching "

Oluchi almost choked with laughter 

"Okay, just put your hand inside since it's scratching you, ashawo husband like you"

"See you forming good person, when night reach now, you be wriggling like someone under annointing. You that does not allow me to sleep in the night, you de run marathon like all these people for Ethiopia and Kenya "

Oluchi looked at Ken, pretending to be angry. 

"So because I de try manage you, you de run mouth ba? No worry, no show for you this night, konji go kill you this night, bet me" she said stretching out her hands. 

"If dem born you well make you try am. I will cry till the whole neighbors will wake up and ask what the problem is, I will tell them my wife does not want me to sacrifice to the gods "

She laughed hard again and gave him a mild kiss. 

"Oya, see eh, just make me my favorite food na, by the time the meal is ready, I will be done with the movie "

Ken quickly runs to the kitchen and puts on his apron as he proceeds to make her favourite food, jollof rice and fried plantain. 

Just then there is a knock on the door and Oluchi opens the door to welcome Jude, Ken's friend. 

They exchange pleasantries and she tells him that Ken is in the kitchen. 

"Kitchen?" he asked with a surprise look on his face.

"What is he doing there? "

"He is planting mango in the kitchen sink, ofcourse he is cooking " Oluchi said with a smirk on her face. She's never liked him. 

"So your husband is in the kitchen cooking while you watch TV?"

Just as she was about to reply him, Ken comes out from the kitchen. 

"Ken wassup, I was just asking of you, your wife said you were in the kitchen " Jude said with a grin on his face. 

"You make it sound like its a bad thing man, how far na" Ken said. 

Jude drags Ken aside 

"But bro, this is wrong by all standards, how can you be cooking while your wife sits with the remote, watching TV? This isn't normal. This kind of thing cannot happen in my house na, a whole man like you, do you know how many girls used to rush you back in those days"

Ken wipes his hands on the apron as he shakes his head. 

"Jude Jude, why did you come here sef? "

"I came to inform you that we will be meeting later at the club , I called you but you didn't take your calls,now that I have seen you on your apron, I'm not surprised "

"Jude my good friend, first thing first,I am not you and will never be you. What works in your Family might not work for mine and I don't even want it to. My wife cooks everyday for me so what's the big deal in cooking for her just for today? I am always with my wife in the kitchen everyday to help her out, and so you know, I wash my clothes and hers when I have the time and I don't leave her to do the chores alone. She's my wife, not my slave "

At this point Jude didn't know what to say, he just stood there like a dumb lunatic. 

"Look Jude, no two marriages are the same, do what you like but don't kill Becca in the process. Have you seen your wife lately? She looks like a frustrated mad woman, so thin and almost invisible and you are here , forming man of the house "

Jude brings out his handkerchief and wipes his face. 

"I won't come to the club today, infact, I won't come for a while.My wife doesn't like clubbing that much and since she gave up her modeling career to do business because of me, I need to let go of somethings too. I need to get back to the kitchen, my regards to the boys "

Jude hasten his steps as he walks out of the house. 

"My husband my husband, double ration for you this night, correct man wey sabi. Infact you see eh, de go that kitchen, make I do u rush rush inside"😂😂😂😂😂😂

"Baby make I rush off the gas make we no do rough play burn house "


💥Leave people alone and stop forcing your policies on them

💥What works for you might not work for them, don't try to make people live like you except it's to make them better. 

💥Marriage is a union of happiness, make your home a playground, not a war zone .

💥Share the chores, don't call her a weaker vessel and still give her all the hard work to do.

May God Almighty give us wisdom and understanding on how to go about our relationships/marriages in Jesus name



Requirement: A phone, A laptop , Good internet connection,

Estimated time to expect results: 3 months.

Why Should You Blog?

I started blogging in the spring of 2015. Considering how long blogging has been around – that’s a pretty late start.
Why would anyone want to blog? There are plenty of reasons. And it’s still a great time to get started. Check out this list and see some of the reasons why.

1. It’s fun and rewarding

Blogging is fun. I get to write about things I enjoy and I meet people online who share similar interests.

I spent most of my career sitting behind a computer. At one of my jobs we worked in a room with no windows that we called the cave. Don’t get me wrong – I love being behind a computer. But there isn’t much social interaction.

When I decided in 2015 I was going to flip my life on its head and do exactly the opposite of everything I’ve ever done:
help people with their problems
go to conferences and meet people
talk to people (you don’t do that much as a programmer)

my entire outlook on life changed. I get to help people with their finances. I’m making a difference.

2. You’ll make new friends

I have made so many new friends I wouldn’t have met otherwise. It’s amazing! Relationships might start out as comments on a post, replying to a Tweet, or an email.
My virtual friends end up becoming people I hang out with who live close by, or people I see at conferences. I have a whole bunch of new people I’ve met that I consider friends.
Often you might feel alone –
Am I the only person out there that likes cats?
But if you start blogging about cats, suddenly other cat lovers find you. And because of your common interest, you quickly form a common bond.
Blogging is a great way to meet like-minded people that share your hobbies, beliefs, values, and goals.

3. You’ll learn new things

I am a life-long learner. I would visit the library once a week, check out the new releases, and pick up any book that looked interesting.

The reason I love writing about personal finance is that there is so much to learn. From extreme couponing to annuities to tax deductions through conservation easements (haven’t heard of that one, have you?)
No matter what subject you pick to write about – even if it’s you – there are new things to discover. Writing is just putting your thoughts to paper. You can have an opinion, observation, or just ask questions.

There is no need to become a research specialist when it comes to learning. Everything you could want to know is available online.

4. You’ll challenge yourself

I am an introvert. What was surprising to me at the last conference I attended were how many people stood up in front of a room full of people and said:
I am an introvert.
I am shy.

Blogging is a way to break through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing your best life.

If you want to remain behind the scenes and write for the pure joy of it – that’s ok too! Nothing says you have to do a road tour and meet all of your readers.
But everyone I’ve heard from and talk to say the same thing:
Getting out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there was the best decision I ever made.

5. You can grow a business

In just 18 months of blogging here is a list of the amazing opportunities I’ve had:
Speaking at a big financial conference
Being interviewed on the radio
Being interviewed on dozens of podcasts with a reach of hundreds of thousands of listeners
I’ve been quoted countless times in online publications,
All of these help build my brand and grow my business.

6. You have something to say

That’s right – you have something to say! Everyone does.
Right now you might be wondering – what should I blog about?
Soon I’ll give you a sure-fire way to find the one thing you’ll love to write about.

7. To have financial freedom

While this guide is about how to make money blogging, money is just a tool to achieve your goals in life.
People can tell in your writing if you are passionate about something. You could make a lot of money blogging about fashion for example. But if you aren’t fashionable or don’t care much for fashion, you’re much less likely to succeed. And you want to succeed, right?

There are dozens of things I could have blogged about and made a lot more money, but I like helping people with their money. One guy put it appropriately –
You’re going to start a business that helps broke people who don’t have any money to pay you?

Yes. Because for me, the opportunities to build a profitable business extend beyond helping those who may be broke.
Blogging is a path to financial freedom. Like any other job, it will take time and effort. However being a blogger, you’re in the driver’s seat. You’re the boss. You work as much or as little as you want.

Action items

Every part in this series includes one small, manageable step. So are you ready to get started?
All I want you to do is write down the reasons you want to blog. You can certainly pick more than one!
Writing for writing’s sake (journaling) is great to record your life and events. But if you want to be a successful blogger and achieve some of those things in the list I mentioned, you need to know your Big Why.
Knowing your Big Why is what’s going to motivate you to follow through and take each daily action.

What Should I Blog About?

I get this question a lot when people are thinking about starting a business too. What kind of business should I start?
Try this quick 10-minute exercise:
Take a sheet of paper
Draw a line down the middle, so there are two columns
In the left column take 5-minutes and write down everything you are passionate about
In the right column take 5-minutes and write down everything you are an expert on
Circle everything that overlaps in the two lists.
The overlap is called your ‘Zone of Genius‘. It’s where you take something you know about (you’re an expert in) and that you would be passionate about writing.
Here’s the thing – if you pick a topic you’re only mildly interested in, you won’t stick with it. It’s a waste of your time, and you won’t be successful.
I’m a cake baker, but I only bake 1–2 cakes a year. I’m not that passionate about baking. I used to be when I was younger and had nothing better to do on the weekends. It wouldn’t make sense for me to start a cake blog because I’d likely flame out and quit.

What if I’m not an expert?

For some reason people don’t realize this:
No one starts out as an expert at anything. You become an expert.
Let me share with you all the things I’ve become an ‘expert‘ on since I’ve started blogging that I wasn’t an expert on before:
Publishing a book
Producing a podcast
Creating well-written blog posts
Public speaking
Explaining complex financial topics in easy-to-understand terms
Search engine optimization (SEO)
And LOTS of other things

Someone once said if you read three books on a subject you’re an expert. Why? Because 99.99% of the population hasn’t read even one book on the subject.
The reason I’m an ‘expert‘ on everything in that list is that I learned how to do it. Plus – I kept practicing until I got better.

You can do the same.

If you have an interest or passion, wouldn’t you enjoy learning more about it? And the process of learning would be fun, right? It wouldn’t be a drag. If it is, you might consider a different topic to write on.
I thoroughly enjoy learning more about personal finance and sharing that knowledge with others so they can improve their lives. I also happen to enjoy the business side of things and learning how to reach more people so I can help them too.

Realize you don’t have to be an expert

That’s right – you don’t have to be an expert.
I didn’t drop into this industry as an expert. It was a process. Over time you will become known as an expert.
If you’re just starting out learning about how to make awesome cheap sandwiches, for example, you build your blog and community around your new found expertise on making awesome cheap sandwiches.
You can then package that expertise into an e-book, digital course, printed book, or advertising opportunities, just as I’m doing right now.
If you teach someone how to make a great sandwich, you’re an expert sandwich maker to that person. You only need to know a little more than someone else to be an expert in their eyes.
Sometimes just documenting your journey from beginner, to intermediate skills, to expert, will make you an expert.
You can document anything you want to get good at, or that’s occurring in your life:
baking cakes
getting a pilot’s license
how to buy a classic car
being more productive

How To Create Your Blog

In this part you’ll start a blog on Blogger .

It’s simple and cheap – if you want to be a successful blogger you need to run your blog on a successful platform.

Let me give you an analogy – if you wanted to open a successful restaurant, would you use ingredients you could find for free? Of course not because who knows what kind of ingredients you would be getting at no cost. You would start with the best ingredients you could afford.

Lucky for you – it doesn’t cost much to get started blogging (in other words, it’s the cheapest business you’ll ever start). You can get a good quality restaurant up and be running without breaking the bank. Plus if you decide you don’t want to be a chef, you get a 100% money back guarantee. Not bad!


· Open a new gmail account from 
· Head over to 
· Get a domain name from 
·  Download a responsive themplate (look or niche of the blog) from or just google and search for free blogger responsive templates.
· Link your blog to your domain name e.g, 

It might get tricky along the line when you want to customize the look of your blog or linking the domain name, not to worry, Im here to help. Consultation fee may apply.

How To Make Money Blogging With Affiliate Income

You’ve probably asked yourself the same question. Can I do it too?
When I started blogging in 2015, I never planned on making money with my blog (making money with your blog is called monetizing). I had other ideas I wanted to pursue that would financially support my business:
· writing books (did that)
· building online courses (haven’t had time to do this yet but I’m currently on it)
· advertising on my blog (pursuing this right now)
· public speaking (sometimes)
· building a membership site (undecided on this one because it’s a bit time consuming)
· advertising on your blog e.g (google , propeller ads- and affiliate marketing.

Then I started learning about affiliate marketing and how easy it was to monetize a blog. 5 months after starting my blog when I first focused on monetizing it, I made $25 in my first month.
I share that with you because there is plenty of opportunities for new bloggers to make money. The thing that gets me is if I had known then what I know now (and what I will share with you), I could have made money with my blog much sooner. Lesson learned!
Keep this in mind – I’m new to blogging too. While I’m not new to online business, I’ve never had a serious blog like I do now. And I’m just getting started. That’s proof new bloggers are still making money.

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