Leave my house

Leave my house!

Leave my house ooo!!

Those were the heartrending words she heard from her husband while attending to the dishes. They had a bit of a fight hours ago. This was a regular occurrence and it usually gets resolved even though it took some time.

But this fight had a twist to it. Some nerves had been unplugged. 

He wasn't  gonna be over it. 


Not this time. 


Twelve (12) years prior, he was at the altar; saying "I do", while smiling to the damsel right in front of him.

She reciprocated with a smile and glowed as tears dripped down her cheeks. 

What a glorious moment!

The man of her dreams had finally committed. Of a surety, they were going to be together forever and their grand kids were going to come running round their table.



"How did I get here? 

How did the house he once called ours suddenly become his and his alone?

What about the dreams I had once hoped for? 

What about the grand kids we hoped for? 

What about their run-around-table? 

I must be having a bad dream. A long one at that. 

Perhaps,i might have had too much sleeping pills preventing me from waking up"

She sobs as her thoughts go berserk 

Who thought we would get to this point? 

Who thought?

Story by Amas Orobosa


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